RX to Action

MediChefs believe Healthcare Happens In Your Kitchen!  We develop solutions and methods to help you implement your medical prescription of advise.

You can prevent and reverse disease, improve well-being, and live a more energetic life simply by taking charge of your health in your own kitchen.

MediChefs are highly trained chefs who put your health first. We believe in creating individualized programs that meet your specific health and wellness goals. We use customized protocols using scientifically-backed, evidence-based meal plans to pave the road to optimal health. MediChefs trained staff offer:

  • Prepared Meals
  • Disease Specific Nutritional Consultations
  • Individualized Education
  • Cooking Instruction
  • Grocery Store Support
  • Pantry Upgrades


  • Weekly Meal Prep Coaching
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Storage

Personalized Support

Personalized support is a systematic process to develop methods and solutions designed around distinct needs and situations; not a one size fits all.

Professional expertise provides answers to all your questions, while detailed and specific planning addresses all pertinent and immediate needs. We build a foundation that supports you and allows you to gain what you need to enhance your well-being. Whether that means a complete paradigm shift or simply added knowledge, our approach assures you, you will live the best quality life.

Our primary goal is to alleviate the stress and overwhelm and replace it that with:

Abigail Jones

MediChefs are fantastic teachers! They are able to make a connection with participants and help them understand the role of good nutrition. MediChefs educates them on how to create relevant recipes using whole foods while encouraging nutrient-dense healthy eating. I can’t wait to collaborate with MediChefs again!

Abigail Jones
Community Wellness Research Lead, Lab of Comparative Human Cognition
University of California, San Diego

Bret Scher

As a cardiologist for over 15 years, I have seen first hand how food truly is “man’s best medicine.” We need more talents and advocates like MediChefs to show us how to make healthy, nutritious meals and how to make them fun and delicious. Thanks for all your hard work MediChefs in showing us the way to heal ourselves through what we eat.

Bret Scher, MD FACC
President, Boundless Health; Author of “Your Best Health Ever!”

Brenda Marshall

MediChefs has mastered the art of healthy dining. Their meals have wonderful flavors while managing to avoid common food allergens.  Exquisitely creative, they have a deep base of nutritional knowledge and how foods can heal the body.

Dr. Brenda Marshall
Voted "San Diego's BEST Integrative Wellness" Ranch & Coast Magazine, August 2016

Mimi Miller

I would like to wholeheartedly endorse and recommend MediChefs. MediChefs has skillfully blended the art of creative and delicious cooking with their knowledge regarding health and nutrition. The fact that they prepare gluten and dairy free meals is wonderful. I personally recommend them to my Acupuncture patients as many have dietary issues. All have been pleased.

Mimi Miller, LAC

Kitchens for Good

MediChefs has been a great addition to our curriculum here at Kitchens for Good. MediChefs demonstrated how food could be healthy and tasty! Whether we were making noodles from zucchini or we focused on good for you dessert options, the students loved it all. MediChefs’ lessons have helped our students learn how to cater to those they will be serving that have nutritional and dietary requirements, and also how to incorporate healthy eating into their own lives!

Kitchens for Good