Have you been given a diagnosis or dietary recommendation from your physician or primary health care provider and sent home? You may have the best of intentions, but it can be overwhelming to start preparing your own meals with specific nutritional and health goals. MediChefs provide support in the comfort of your own kitchen. Getting over that initial challenge cascades into positive follow through and exponential benefits. Empower yourself with a short-term, immediate solution and learn the ease in which your new nutritional goals can be implemented, creating long-term health benefits.

Judy Gechman

Last year I had foot surgery. Unfortunately, I was unable to manage the stairs up to my kitchen, and when I was finally able to get there it was quite some time before I was able to stand long enough to do food preparation. MediChefs to the rescue!

MediChefs came to our home with ample recipes to accommodate our vegan lifestyle. Together, combined with recipes we already loved and used, we figured out dishes that would be tasty and nutritious. On top of doing all the cooking, MediChefs did all the shopping and arrived with the freshest ingredients.

The cooking was amazing, the scheduling flexible, and the pricing fair. I am technically able to cook again, but will continue to utilize the professionally skilled chefs on an ad hoc basis. The vegan chocolate mousse is to die for!

I am so fortunate to have found MediChefs!

Judy Gechman