What is a medical chef?
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MediChefs are highly-skilled chefs trained to use disease-specific nutritional therapy to prevent and reverse chronic disease


Cooking for Cancer & Cooking for Diabetes

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Rani Polak

As founder of the CHEF Coach program at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, I believe that health coaching is essential to the success of culinary medicine. Culinary coaching can help clients set culinary goals and improve behaviors by supporting clients while making simple changes in their own kitchens. At the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, we strongly believe that culinary medicine programs deliver valuable patient education and culinary skills that help clients enjoy a healthy kitchen and a healthy lifestyle.

Rani Polak, MD, MBA
Chef, Health Coach, Founding Director, CHEF Coaching Program, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital; Research Associate, Harvard Medical School

Give the Gift of Recovery

Have you ever wished you could help a friend or loved one after a hospital stay? An aged parent too far from home? In lieu of flowers consider sending that special person the unique and everlasting gift of recovery, a personal medical chef. Find out more about giving a Gift of Recovery.

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